current research interests

My current research centers on questions concerning the enduring social inequalities that define the education system and the role of public policy in shaping these patterns. I view the different facets of my research as fundamentally linked to a broader, long-term project of learning if and how our public institutions can be more responsive to the structures and narratives that sustain various forms of inequity in society. This project rests on the theoretical assumption that educational experiences and outcomes – and the policy-making processes that influence them – take shape through a dynamic interplay between social networks, cultural sense-making practices, bureaucratic governance structures, and markets. These assumptions necessarily lead me to a mixed set of methodological approaches, including social network analysis, field-based research methods, and causal modeling, as well as the use of data visualization techniques that foreground the complexities of social dynamics in education.

Impact of Education Policy on social inequality


social capital formation during High School to College Transitions

Evidence Use in Education Policy Networks

North Cascades, WA from Eldorado Glacier

North Cascades, WA from Eldorado Glacier